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test is use in js for searching a regex patter. it is a selfish function so it would come first and the pattern which is to be matched would be comming after it : )

let string = " Hello! my name is Gaurav ";let search = /Gaurav/;search.test(string);

one more thing to note test would return a boolean value

OR operator in Regex

or operator here in Regex is same |

so if i have to search in a string i would type /meow|bark/

let string = "meow meow !! i am a cat";let search = /meow|cat/;searc.test(string);

how to ignore things ?

ignoring things in life is a important task !! but how we can thing in regex ? like lower case or upper case ?

by simply adding a "i" in the end

let search = /meow/i;


it will match anything in place of that .

(let me explain )

/ca./ will match caa,cab,cat,..... any thing that is of 3 letters and start with ca.

what if i only want to match words betweeen [a-g] ? what should i do? then use it .


will do that