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a function along with it's outer scope is called closure. Closure is basically a function along with it's lexical scope bundled together is called Closure.

function x() {  var a = 7;  function y() {    console.log(a);  }  y();}x();

closure basically gives you the access of outer function's scope from the inner function.

  • when functions are returned they still maintain their lexical scope
function x() {  var a = 7;  return function y() {    console.log(a);  };}x();

guess the output

value of a ?

function x() {  var a = 7;  return function y() {    console.log(a);  };  a = 100;  return y;}x();

in this case value of a woule be 100;

  • module design pattern
  • curring
  • function like ones (higer order functions)
  • memoize
  • maiting state in async world
  • setTimeouts
  • iterators
  • data hiding and encluption

data hiding like other functions and peices of code don;t have access to it.

var counter = 0;function incrementCounter() {  count++;}
function counter() {  var counter = 0;  return function incrementCounter() {    count++;    console.log(count);  };}var counter1 = counter();counter1(); //1counter1(); //2var counter2 = counter();counter1(); //1// now it some of from the out side the code will access it it will give error

make a counter

function Conter() {  var count = 0;  this.incrementCounter = function () {    count++;    console.log(count);  };  this.decrementCounter = function () {    count--;    console.log(count);  };}var counter1 = new Counter();counter1.incrementCounter();counter1.decrementCounter();

time ,tide and js waits for none