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Orpan Process

A process without a parent process is called orphan process

// A C program to demonstrate Orphan Process. // Parent process finishes execution while the// child process is running. The child process// becomes orphan.#include<stdio.h>#include <sys/types.h>#include <unistd.h>  int main(){    // Create a child process          pid_t pid = fork();      if (pid > 0){        printf(" parent process");        printf("my id is %d \n",getpid());    // Note that pid is 0 in child process    // and negative if fork() fails    }else if (pid == 0)    {        sleep(3);        printf("in child process");        printf("my id is %d",getpid());        printf("my parent's id is %d",getppid());    }      return 0;}