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Zombie process

A process which has finished the execution but still has entry in the process table to report to its parent process is known as a zombie process. A child process always first becomes a zombie before being removed from the process table. The parent process reads the exit status of the child process which reaps off the child process entry from the process table.

# include <stdio.h># include <unistd.h># include <sys/wait.h>
int main(){    int pid = fork();    if(pid == 0){        printf("child process id is: %d as parent id %d \n" ,getpid(),getppid());    }else if(pid > 0){        sleep(60);        printf("parent process id is: %d as parent id %d \n" ,getpid(),getppid());    }else{        printf("process is not created");    }}

to check the process

ps -e -o pid,stat                                             

how to resovle a zombie process ?? just add wait(NULL) before the sleep