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MultiProgramming v/s Mutlitasking (time sharing)


it means the capability of running various programs at a time. A single user cannont keep all the I/O devices busy in general. MultiProgramming increases the CPU utilization by organizing (code and the data) so that the cpu always have one to execute.

here let's say job 1 wants to take I/O the in Mutliprogramming what will happen is that.. while job1 is taking the i/o job2 will run and one's the job 1 is finish with I/O then job 1 will take back its's resources.


here in Multi Programming it makes sure that each and every resource is use affectly by the computer system , but their access is not provided to the user.

Time Sharing (Multi Tasking)

  • here a CPU executes a multiple jobs by switching times.
  • Here swithcing occurs so frequently that user can interact with each program while it is running.
  • Time sharing requires an interactive computer system , which provides direct communication between the user and the system.
  • A time sharing system allows many users to share the computer simultaneosuly.