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Types of computer system based on General purpose processor -

  • Single Processor System
  • MultiProcessor System
  • Clustered System

Single Processor System

  • one main CPU capable of executing a general purpose instrution set including the instruction from the user.
  • other special purpose processor are also present which performs device specific task. here we have only a general processor to perform a specific task that's why we call it

Multi Processor System

Also know as pallel System or tightly coupled system.

  • they have two or more processor in close commucation sharing the computer bus and sometimes the clock and memory and peripheral devices.

  • In mutli processor system we will have increased throughput (performance)

  • Economy of scale. (more economic then single processor system)

  • It has increased Reliability (if a processor fails we still have other processor to do work)

    types of mutli processing systems

  • Symmetic Multiprocessing System here we have different processor , but they are actually the same (same brand model ) and they all participate in performing the task.

  • Asymmetic Multiprocessing System here we have a main master cpu which controls the other slave cpu.

Clustered System

here many individual system come together to perform a task

  • it provide high avaiblity.
  • they can be structured symmectrically or Asymmectrically.