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o/s services

  • user interface (GUI graphical user interface/ CLI command line interface)
  • Program executaion we must be able to run and executed programs we have in our computer system.
  • I/O Operations. Input /Output operations must be provided by the operating system and user cannot directly control the I/O devices.
  • File System Manuplation o/s must controls how these files are control or manuplated.
  • Communication A communication b/w process is a must requied by the operating system.
  • Error Detection o/s must handle all time of erros. (like printer not working) , maybe a debugging menu
  • Resource Allocation it must allocated resources to the process who needs it.
  • Accounting Which user use how much and which resources ? O/S keeps a track of this.
  • Protection and Security. Processes do not interfare with each other. and system should not be access from any out sider