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what is an o/s ?

an o/s is a program that manages the computer hardware . it also provides a basic of application programs that acts an intermendiary b/w computer user and computer hardware.

  • System Software these are the software that are used to give commands direclty to the system. (o/s kind of does that)

  • Application Software application software are used to perform a specific task that can be direclty used by the user. example - Word Processors ,SpreadSheets , Compilers , Text Editors , Web Browser.

    O/s bascially recides between the computer hardware and the users. it acts like a intermediatory between the computer hardware and the user.

    Types of o/s

  • Batch o/s

  • Time Sharing o/s

  • Distributed o/s

  • Network o/s

  • Real time o/s

  • Mutli programming / Mutli Processing / Tasking o/s

Goals of o/s

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Both

Functions of o/s

  • it acts as an interface between the user and the hardware.
  • Allocation of Resources.
  • Managment of Memory, Security ... etc