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How things are going

ยท 2 min read
meow meow

Well it has been almost three months since a wrote the last personal blog of mine a lot have been change in my life since last three months belive it or not. In terms of js i learned a lot here and there.... got to know a lot of stuff in last three months from knowing nothing to still knowing nothing

It have been one month since i joined trell as sde intern got into the front end team and god i am learing a lot.. got to learn about graphql leaned it and even wrote a blog about it. in freecodecamp it have been awesome journey . senoirs are helping me a lot thanks to them i am surving here and able to learn a lot. let's see how this jorney goes

what i did this month

  • Got a macbook air m1 with my own money (yeah)
  • I am learning to manage my time a lot
  • Still learning javascript and other stuff
  • Hopping from one place to another just jumpping and jumpping (clg and intern )
  • Got my blog into freecodecamp would be writing more for them soon
  • writting this blog from radio head cafe.. yop i has been a fun ride.. always wanted to sit on a cafe and work kida living the dream .


ยท One min read
meow meow

Well as a js developer some times it is pretty hard to find things. alteast for me. plus still got few years left @ university ,so I can solve this problem maybe. I was thining of solving a problem daily in js so this site would be documenting that in such a way that if any other wanted to do the same this site can help them : ) who ever is reading this all the best (i hope i make it one day)